First Choice Coin is a Defi token used for staking, marketing reward, and a utility for first choice coin economy of defi, gaming, Nft, and others. It is an  ERC20 Polygon Matic-based blockchain technology that aims to bridge real-world assets to the decentralized finance world.

One great concept of fcc is PAY BILLS-to-earn. By paying your bills with us you get fcc coin.

High APY staking with auto-compounding option

Monthly snapshot of token holder, FCC coin reward, lifetime income.

(min. 10k fcc in your wallet)

FCC token Specification

Name: first choice coin

Symbol: FCC

Network: Polygon Matic

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 


TEAM: 1,000,000 

Initial Liquidity: 1,000,000 

PAY BILL-to-earn: 198,000,000 

STAKING: 400,000,000

Marketing: 400,000,000

contract address: 0xb6C3C00D730ACcA326dB40e418353f04f7444e2B


Token Utility

$FCC is used to:

  • Reward its holders with staking 

  • Rewards people by paying bills with us. 

  • Reward to FCC NFT holders

  • Rewards for affiliate and marketing

  • Use to pay in the shop