Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Currently fcc is 50% in gain since it launch in December 2021. We started with a price of 2 pesos and currently you can sell it at 3.03 each.

Those who purchased in the 3 pesos plus price I know you are there and waiting for your profit price, enjoy and take this as your investment for your future. Our promise is In long term fcc will beat all traditional saving or investment products offered by any traditional investment companies out there. You can be assured that your money is safe and secured and you can sell your fcc anytime. We take 100% responsibility to it.

Don't hesitate to ask if wanted to add investment or sell some. The best strategy is what we called cost averaging, every month or every pay check invest atleast 20% of your income and after 5-20 years for sure you are rich. Instead of developing our own platform for gaming, defi (decentralized finance) we are looking to support/partner with stable and existing.

First reason is to cut expenses in maintaining our own platform, website, security, developers fee, employees fees, over head expenses, etc.

Second reason, by partnering and supporting existing one we will deliver fast and working products already.

Our first gaming products that is supported is FARALAND. We have invested 30% of our fund to this blooming gamefi (game and finance). We are also looking at MINES OF DALARNIA, AURORY. CRAZY DEFENSE HEROES, ETC.

Our First DEFi is our fcc fund where we invest to top 10 best decentralized finance products. This follows our top 10 defi where we have invested in: 1.) Eth 2.) Link 3.) AAVE 4.) SUSHI 5.) YFI 6.) COMP 7.) SNX 8.) BANANA 9.) CAKE 10.) BNB

The future is digital and investment is open to everyone globally l, thanks to internet and the power of blockchain we all have the power to get into what the rich is doing, investing into what is the future is. We are not promoting much our products as people sometimes tagged as a networking or something, we focus on few investors and believers on our ability and capability. We cannot please everyone but we wanted to be a channel to change other people lives to make other people's dream comes true true us.

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